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How It Works

1Get a Quote for an item(s) you want to ship or Call Our Operators to be helped.

2Bring your item(s) to our warehouse or contact us to schedule a pickup from your location.

3Bring the Bill of Sale or Title, your Driver License or ID to complete the paperwork with our agent.

4Make a payment. We accept credit cards, personal checks and cash.

5Track your container by tracking number on our website until it's been delivered.

NOTICE: Whether containerized or RoRo (roll on roll off), Usko Shipping can pickup your vehicles from any location in the continental U.S. and Hawaii and transport them to your destinations overseas. We securely block, brace and properly tie down each and every vehicle so that it will arrive at the destination in absolutely the same condition as it was received by us.

Usko Shipping works with dealers, online auction buyers and individual car shippers. If shipping several vehicles, to minimize costs, we can load 2, 3, or even 4 cars in a single 40’ high cube container.

Apply Now - Save Time

Please, complete the application and email it to us or bring to our office personally.